Is there any software for the OHM e-bike?

Yes. BBI2 (BionX Bicycle Interface) is the dealer only software that functions as a global communication and service platform. It allows the user to update the software and firmware of his e-bike system, customize the settings and read out the system data. Similar to the operating system of a computer, our software is constantly optimized, allowing your system to achieve the best performances. Ideally your e-bike should get a complete check up including a check for the latest software at the beginning of the season. Since BBI2 is a software for dealers only, please ask your local OHM dealer for further information regarding software updates, customization or any other software related topic.

Please note that OHM now offers a free warranty extension to 3 years*, when you register your OHM e-bike system via BBI2 at your local dealer!

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